13 Halloween / Fall Date Ideas That Don't Suck

- Elisa Cool

Gentlemen, fall weather got you into snuggle mode? We won't tell. But make sure you throw on your best sports coat and/or hoodie and take your lady out. Here are 13 romantic date ideas (indoor and out) that only really rock when the temp drops.



1. Can I get s'more cheese with that wine? Few things go better together than wine, and cheese, and chocolate. Chocolate goes good with anything. Take your favorite foodie outside for a bonfire, pack three kinds of cheese (every grocery stores got em), a bottle of wine, and the makings for s'mores. Tell some ghost stories. She'll stick to you like molten marshmallow, we promise. 

Pro tip: Don't forget the sticks!


2. Cider stroll rules.  Grab a thermos, throw in some hot apple juice (Mott's counts) and some fall spices, cinnamon sticks work best. For extra credit throw in a small flask of your favorite brown liquor to add gently, or swig as you go. Now go for a stroll downtown, over the river, through the woods... you get the idea! Just be sure to give her the heads up to wear walking shoes!

(Pro tip: The easiest way to create the ultimate cider is mulled spices. They come in little pre-made bags and are often with the teas. Or grab any tea that says pumpkin spice. Throw the juice in the microwave, put it in a thermos, include a baggie, viola you're the man!).


Pumpkin Pumpkin
3. Pumpkin challenge for my pumpkin. Take her to a pumpkin patch. Don't have one of those? Try Walmart. They have loads of pumpkins in all sizes... and a fun costume aisle. Got a competitive date? Make a game out of it. Who can find the biggest pumpkin, the cutest, the ugliest, the best, you get the idea. Carving optional. 

Pro tip: Grab a six-pack of your favorite pumpkin beer on the way out the door or stop by your favorite brew house to celebrate.


4. Carve up some fun. Ok so technically all of these dates can stand alone, or would make for a "nice little Saturday" your call. Whatever you do, make time to carve some pumpkins for your boo. She'll love it and you get to show off your manly carving skills. 

Pro tip: Bring the paint and Google some fun ideas in advance, we won't tell.


Pexels Photo 196666
5. Oh hayyyy, ride!  Got a tractor? A truck? Know a guy? We thought you might. Not all hayrides have to be super organized. Throw some bales in a quiet spot and drive your lady to a quiet picnic for two. She'll write home about it, we promise.

Pro tip: Don't forget to give her your jacket.


6. Trick out some treats. Not a baker? Half the fun is trying. Still not sold, there are some great pre-made cookie mixes that just require putting the dough in the oven. Now splurge on some fun icings, sprinkles, etc. Have your self a merry little time.

Pro tip: Get some fun cookie cutters. Ghosts, pumpkins, ghouls, oh my!


7. Google that. Got a fun and creative date? Grab a stash of googly eyes (most craft stores got 'em) and find fun things to fix a face to. It's spooky, it's silly, and it's one to remember. Try this trick as an addition to dates 2, 3, or 5. Enjoy! Oh and be responsible, art is subjective after all.

Pro tip: Hard to reach places are often the funniest, never underestimate the power of the unexpected.


8. Just pin it. Spend 20 minutes on.... Pinterest. Build a board together of killer holiday project ideas. Now set out to create one together. We promise you'll survive this date with your man card intact even if this is the scariest thing you do all fall. 

Pro tip: Do some searches in advance, you'll look like a natural.


9. Hey Mr. D.J. Got Spotify? Apple? Tape recorder? Great. Now text your sweetie about their favorite Halloween jams. Make a list (six should do it). Show up with a boombox and a bottle of wine. With a house party, you don't need nobody but the two of you!

Pro tip: Pick up some string lights, strobe light, or other party lights for ambiance. 


10. Volunteer.  We didn't have a pun for that one. We realize it's not the sexiest of date activities but you may just see another side of each other that you'll treasure. Plus you'll be doing something good! Volunteering is good all year round but fall presents us with all sorts of new opportunities. We've got two words for you... come on!

Pro tip: Let her choose where you volunteer.


11. Photo hunt. Got a great hood nearby that always haunts their lawns with the coolest of ghouls? Take a tour. Take your camera (it's on your phone). Take pictures. Compare. See who can spot and capture the best shot. Again be respectful, "get off my lawn!" means it.

Pro tip: pack the cider and include a stop for lunch, or a pumpkin latte


12. 5K to couch. There's loads of fun runs to help you shake off the holiday goodies. Many are for a good cause. Wake up early and join one. Then hit the showers and hit the couch for a double or triple screening of your favorite horror flicks. You'll already have half your day done by noon, treat yo self!

Pro tip: stretch! Oh and have some post-run goodies and a change of clothes.


Practice Your Zombie Killing

13. I ain't afraid of no ghost. Got a gal who gets goosebumps at ghost stories but doesn't flinch at firearms? Take her out to take out some goblins, smoke some zombies, you get the idea. Don't have a firing range? Arcade works too.

Pro tip: pack a playlist for the ride to and from, trust us on this one.



Got more ideas? Share away we love to be one-upped in the name of love. And do share holiday date ideas, we may even include them in our next post.



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