Five 2018 Jewelry Trends That Will Have You Shining Your Brightest All Year Long

- Elisa Cool

Gala's, holiday parties, and Mardis Gras balls oh my! It's time to break out the baubles which, in our humble opinion, makes the start of the year also the most wonderful time of year.

We understand that for some, this time of year also means lots of attention to social, fashion, and other finer details. So, we've gathered the most important jewelry trends for 2018 so you can worry about one less thing and shine your absolute brightest all year long. #KPShineBright




Monograms aren't just for whites, pillows, and sorority totes. They're also a choice accessory for many top designers including Celine, Balenciaga, and Dior. 

Jewelry is getting personal again in a number of ways. See the next trend for more on that!



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We doubt there's a lady reading this who doesn't own or hasn't admired a single strand of pearls (even if she won't admit it out loud!). But pearls can be so much more.

In fact, Vogue introduced the concept of "neo-peals" to the world in its coverage of Fall Fashion Week. Neo pearls challenge traditional constraints by showing up in all sorts of fun forms (like see-through cages and tribal bands).  

Momento PearlsPrefer something that's both something old and something new? Check out these Smart Pearls by Momento which allow you to use an app to record and re-record a personal message straight to your peals. And we didn't think pearls could get any more sentimental! 

Stop by KP's or watch this video to learn more about Momento pearls.



Pear Shape

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What do Katherine Heigl, Victoria Beckham, and Rachel Lindsay all have in common? No, we're not talking about their figures. They're all fans of pear cut jewelry!

The pear-cut trend hit the red carpet hard last summer and it's still going strong. And, it doesn't stop at engagement rings.

Perhaps that's because second only to the traditional round cut, pear-cut diamonds and gemstones are quite literally about as brilliant as they come. You can now find beautiful pear cut in earrings, pendants, etc. and in just about any stone. 

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Mystical Symbols

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Perhaps it's all the Game of Thrones kool-aid we've all been drinking, but the mystics are quite literally in Vogue. Chanel, Dior, alll fans of the heavy metal look. The press is calling it Illuminati-esque.

Don't have the stones to wrap a dragon around your neck just yet? Thinking of trying out something Illuminati-inspired instead? Check out these more subtle options.

​​​​​​IMG 20171104 114310 (1)IMG 20171104 151700IMG 20171104 114447

Many jewelers are dabbling in this arena, but Eleganza (center image) does it quite elegantly if you ask us, pun intended.


Chandelier Earrings

According to the fashion police, the danglies are back... though we never lost love for them. There's just something magical about a little light and movement. We don't know about you, but it makes us want to hit the dancefloor.

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And there you have the Top 5 Jewelry Trends for 2018. Big, bold bling is back. Untraditional looks are fashion forward. The more personal the better. Enjoy them all, though it is best not to rock them all at once. And don't forget to #shineon!

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